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The World From a Jewish Perspective radio program,  is a one stop shop for all matters Jewish.  News and interviews with experts are interlaced with music for all ages.

You want to hear the latest about Israel? its successes and challenges? about Jews across America or around the globe? You want to hear a book review? Music to dance to , to smile to, to reminisce about? 

Listen to the show which has reached hundred of thousands of people over the past 12 years.


The story of a nation through the voices of its people… The story of its people in their own words .

Do you love stories? Have you ever thought “If only I could listen to the trail blazers of the century and ask them questions that plague me? “  Have you wished that someone would suggest how to turn YOUR life into a meaningful  adventure?

ENTER into VOICES CELEBRATING ISRAEL AT 60 and you’ll get your answers through the personal epic stories of the generations that had that something special, that  forged  a nation-Israel. What was it about those mere humans? Were they born with that extra special dose of fortitude? of   tenacity, courage, conviction, brazenness   and passion or did they create it themselves and if so how? 

You will journey with narrative, pictures and music through the past back into the now. WHO ARE THEY? CHECK BACK EVERY WEEK TO FIND  EXCITING  NEW STORIES AND NEW VOICES .